8 larger than life things that make Dubai a fabulous place to live in – from the tallest building to the biggest malls

Dubai is not just a great modern city, it is an off the charts experience. It is a place unlike anywhere else in the world. Among all the tourist attractions, Dubai has a heart that makes everyone be at home.

So what makes Dubai unique? Well, the answer is plenty! The city boasts of the tallest building, largest aquarium, fastest police cars, biggest mall, tallest hotel, and more. Here we have listed 8 crazy things that make Dubai fascinating.

  1. Tallest building: Standing high at 2717 feet, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It has 163 stories and can be spotted from as far as 95 kms. It also have the fastest elevator in the world that can take you up to the observation deck on the 124th floor is just 60 seconds. It has a few more records, one of them being the highest swimming pool in the world.
  2. Biggest indoor mall: The largest mall in the world by total land area, the Dubai Mall has to be seen to be believed. The Dubai Mall covers more than 1 million square metre. To put things in perspective, this is equivalent to 200 football pitches. The mall has more than 1200 retail brands, hundreds of restaurants, cinema theatres, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink and a lot more.
  3. Largest aquarium: With a 10 million litre tank, over 140 species and thousands of aquatic animals, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is unlike anything you would have experienced before. One of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, it has a 48 metre walk through tunnel that provides 270 degree views of the beautiful marine sights from 11 metres below the surface of the tank.
  4. Tallest hotel: At 1168 feet, the Gevora Hotel in Dubai has got the Guinness World Record for being the tallest hotel in the world. Decked in gold, the 75-storey hotel is the definition of luxury and opulence. It boasts of spas, saunas, gyms, pools, cafes, bakery and five top-notch restaurants.
  5. Longest indoor ski slopes: Want to ski in the middle of a desert? No problem! Ski Dubai at The Mall of the Emirates gives you the opportunity to ski, snowboard and zipline right in the middle of the city. Not only is this a one-of-the kind indoor ski resort, it is also the largest one in the world. 
  6. Fastest police cars: Where else do the police drive Bugattis, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Bentleys and Lamborghinis? The police in Dubai have the fanciest of cars and also hold the world record for the fastest cop car, awarded to its Aston Martin One-77. These supercars worth millions of dollars help the police protect the city, as well as impress tourists.
  7. Purest gold: Dubai is a gold lover’s paradise. The gold souk is filled with hundreds of gold shops displaying awe-inspiring jewellery. Not only do you get the trendiest of designs, you are guaranteed to get the exact purity you pay for. There are even ATMs in Dubai that dispense gold bars!
  8. Most cosmopolitan population: It is estimated that almost 85% of Dubai’s population comprises expats. People from all over the world are moving to Dubai to take advantage of the growth opportunities and high standard of living. You will find people from the UK, Europe, India, Pakistan, Australia, and more, in Dubai.

If you too want to live in this dream city, it’s possible now. Dubai has made it extremely easy for expats to buy properties in Dubai. With the booming real estate market, the time is ripe to invest in a home in Dubai. Not only does the city provide abundant growth opportunities to chart vying careers, it is also a great place to raise your kids and create a beautiful future.

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